A global nomad, futurist and speaker.

Martin is a true global nomad. He has moved his work online and has been travelling the world since 2011. As he says, the world is too big to be in one place only. Moreover, to travel the world means to find the best of the world’s ideas.

Martin advises organizations on how to thrive in the current era of inevitable technological change.

Martin started out as a marketing specialist advising businesses on new digital business models and has been a digital lifestyle blogger in the Czech Republic. Nowadays he focuses most of his days researching big trends, collecting case studies and presenting on the topic of the future of business.

He consults for individuals or companies, presenting them the future of business, innovative tools, work-flow procedures, trends and strategies.

Rather than focusing on the distant future, Martin devotes himself to scanning the horizon for emerging technologies and disruptive shifts in human behavior. He presents a compelling vision of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Martin helps you accelerate your potential to thrive in today’s society and achieve breakthrough results. Martin leaves his audience inspired and prepared for life and business transformation.

Design your business for the 21st century. Martin loves to tailor his research and speaking topics to your specific audience.

martin rosulek


The game changers that pose challenges


New technologies enable us to work online and many professionals aren't or do not want to be dependent on a particular workplace or location anymore. Companies are now learning how to organize their workflow with remote workers. Digital nomadism is a lifestyle that many millennials are adopting to achieve work-life balance.


Social media came into our life and has brought new possibilities. Currently we are seeing a huge shift in the way we interact with others and share our personal life stories. Our behavior has changed. We show and we watch. We produce and consume more content every day. We spend more time online and this trend is not going to stop.


We live in the age of information. Developed economies increasingly use data-intensive technologies. Data management and analytics are top priorities of big companies. The adoption of big data within business processes allows efficiencies in terms of cost, productivity, innovation and competitiveness.


The automobile industry is more about software then steel. Autonomous cars are going to change everything. This revolution is not just about self-driving, the sharing economy, increasing mobility or decreasing infrastructure cost. It will change many more areas ranging from the way how we build cities to how we consume content.


Artificial intelligence has become an essential part of the technology industry, helping to solve many challenging problems. AI is not just about smart robots and machine learning, but it is also used for face recognition, missile guidance or tumor detection. Strong AI may soon outperform humans at almost every cognitive task.


Virtual reality (VR) is a real cutting edge technology. The media talks about it, but we still need many years for development. The near future will be more about Augmented reality then VR. But remember, surely we are going to move towards a digital world as soon as possible. We love to increase our possibilities and freedom.


The Internet of Things makes our smart devices interconnected and causes an intensive flow of information. The way how we live and work will inevitably change. About 30 billion objects will be part of the IoT economy by the end of 2020, smart homes and virtual power plants included. This is a real game changer for many businesses.


Blockchain is a secure and transparent underlying layer digital goods transfers. Our society is slowly moving towards decentralization and building better trust without being dependant on third parties. It's just a question of time when blockchain will cause another digital evolution in business and our everyday life as well.


Our monetary system has been challenged by a new type of currency. Digital money is based on the blockchain and does not need any central authority or central bank. Moreover, decentralization helps many regions enter the financial world, share and distribute wealth. The main adoption of cryptocurrency is yet to come and is coming soon.









Martin Rosulek

Traveling the world looking for patterns and megatrends shaping the future of business.